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How to maintain your floors looking beautiful for longer

Keeping it clean! A beautiful floor can retain its freshness for years with regular cleaning and maintenance.

How to maintain your floors looking beautiful for longer

Your beautiful wood floor can stay beautiful if you know how to look after it. Whether waxed, oiled or lacquered, its biggest enemies are grit, excessive wear, scraping, water and heat.

Grit: the smallest grains act just like sandpaper. After a short time, the surface becomes dull, which is not just an eyesore but an opportunity for spills to permeate the wood and even discolour it.

Answer: Clean the floor regularly using a vacuum cleaner, dry mop, soft-bristled broom or a soft cloth. After cleaning, apply a wood-friendly finish like specialist waxes or oils. (See below).

Excessive wear: typically, the area near a door is vulnerable to the wear and tear of constant foot traffic. Every time a person comes in or goes out of the room, some erosion takes place.

Answer: put mats down where there is a high frequency of tread; doorways in particular. However, do clean the mat regularly as they absorb grit and become abrasive. It is also a good idea to change out of your outdoor shoes when you come indoors and wear soft soled slippers.

Scraping: moving furniture can savage the surface of a floor badly. Any movements have the potential to scar the surface of the floor.

Answer: place rubber or felt pads under the legs of the heavy items.

Water: water and wood don’t mix well. In time, the wood swells, encourages rot and eventually decays. 

Answer: However, water-based wood surface cleaners should be applied with a damp cloth or mop. Remove stubborn dirt and grit. If there is a spillage, mop it up ay once before it permeates the wood.

Never us steam cleaners on wood. The wood patina will dull, the finish could flake and, in severe cases, could cause mould, discolouration or warping.

Heat: Wood burns easily. Drop a lighted cigarette on wood, let a hot coal to fall onto the floor, spill hot fat or food onto the kitchen floor – and the damage could be extensive. At the very least it will compromise the sealant.

Answer: Remove the problem as fast as you can then clean the area with a damp cloth and apply a wax polish.

Protective wood floor products

Osmo wash and care: A water-soluble cleaner that freshens the floor and is effective in areas of above average footfall. Biodegradable and free from solvents, colours and scent.

Liquid Wax Cleaner/Spray: Cleans and regenerates oiled and waxed wood floors and furniture.

Osmo Opti-Set: A four-piece set for easy maintenance: dust mop, micro-mop, active fibre cloth applicator and telescopic handle for comfortable handling.

Polyx-Oil: Restores worn areas. Thoroughly clean the area before applying with a very thin coat.

Bona Cleaner: A slightly alkaline liquid detergent applied by mop. Excellent for especially grimy floors without removing the existing floor finish. 

Bona Spray Mop: Quick to assemble, the Bona Spray Mop comes with refillable cartridges of Bona cleaner and a washable microfibre cleaning pad.

Bonakemi Freshen Up: A water-borne maintenance coating for most commercial or domestic floors. Revives scratched and dull surfaces and offers protection against future wear.

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