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If you are looking to fit a new floor or bring an old one back to life, our showroom by the river is the right place to start. A well-fitted floor should last a lifetime so it is important to think and choose carefully. 

The beauty of wood lies in its natural colour, grain and texture. In store, we have many kinds of wood from trees forested from all over the world. Each as its own distinctive characteristics; all our timber complies with the world’s forestry regulations and are fully certified. 

You can buy wood flooring as planks (or boards), blocks (parquet/chevron) or as geometric patterns. However, the variety extends far beyond these basic choices. 

We understand you will have some hard decisions to make so we offer comfortable surroundings and plenty of time to make these important choices. Our showroom is open by appointment. We do not have fixed hours, so let us know what works for you and so we can meet. Our help and advice are free, and there is no pressure to buy. Our business is installing your floor; our passion is supplying something amazing for you to have us install so, let’s see if we can create something that almost too good to walk on!

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Inevitably, there will be some people who cannot find exactly what they are looking for either here in our showroom, on the website or anywhere else. For them, we offer our Signature Bespoke Service where we create the colour and finish you want.

Off the shelf

Welcome to our boutique hardwood showroom in Battersea

You are in for a treat! As you enter our showroom by the Thames, you will notice a colourful collection of designs underfoot. At the centre, is a compass rose oriented to the Earth’s cardinal points. The floor is a demonstration of imagination, product and skill.

The first thing to catch your eye is the Colour Bar with its collection of oils and lacquers as well as an intriguing counter top. There is a bench behind, out of sight, where colour testing takes place

The showroom is stocked with samples of to show off wood grain, colours, patterns, finishes and qualities to suit homes, offices, stores and commercial venues. If you cannot find what you want, you can talk us through your ideas and we will get you samples.

We have a drawer full of pull-out samples to whet your appetite for floor designs and around the walls you can see how versatile wood flooring can be.

Visit us!

You will get to see and feel a wonderful array of woods and, just as important, get help and advice from Tim or Danny who are very experienced in fitting new floors and resurrecting old ones. For example, you may have a sound floor but looks its age: we can make it look new again and even change the colour or the finish. You would be amazed. And it would save money and the world’s ecology.

Make an appointment!

Just call Tim (07930 751882‬) or Danny (07956 801034‬) to make sure they are there to help and make you comfortable with a cup of coffee. We look forward to seeing you.‬‬