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Signature Bespoke Service

Can’t find the exact flooring you are looking for?

Our bespoke Signature Service provides an infinity of choice.

If you can’t find the exactly right for you, we offer our bespoke service – factory-finished floor products processed to your own specifications. This will appeal particularly to architects and interior designers looking to create a unique effect. You start with the wood, from plank, block or pattern stock, all in different sizes, grades and textures, and, finally, add the colour and finish you are looking for. There is plenty of inspiration available in the showroom or you can bring a sample that you would like us to match. When you are happy, we then send the information to the factory who produce a free sample board to your specifications together with a quotation based on the quantity you require.

Technological innovation has provided the means to alter the natural colour of wood floors, to virtually any tone or tint required using special oils and stains. The example below shows how a natural floorboard responds to our Signature Service treatment. 

The two boards that began as natural wood. On the left, we used oils to change the tonal values. This process can stretch all the way in seamless steps to black. On the right, the board responds to different colour oils.

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If you have a very particular project in mind, our Signature Service can deliver exactly what you are looking for. Just make an appointment with Tim (07930 751882‬) or Danny (07956 801034‬) and they will show you how we work miracles!

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