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Wood Floor Patterns – The basics start with boards and blocks

Boards come in a variety of widths and lengths depending on the supplier. Blocks, such as parquet, allow greater flexibility with design from simple Herringbone patterns to Chevron and intricate types of Marquetry.  Floors can make a huge contribution to the ambience of a room, just as much as the walls, ceilings, furnishings and lighting. Wood offers colour, pattern and texture. Even the grain of the wood has a part to play.

Board or Plank, is available in variety of widths, commonly between 70mm and 400mm with a limited choice of thicknesses. Much depends in the wood you choose. Board is available as solid or engineered. Solid boards are cut from a single piece of timber; engineered is a build-up of layers of proven hardwoods with the chosen wood on top. The result is a much more stable and enduring floor material.

Parquet is supplied as separate blocks or as ‘engineered’. The classic blocks are usually 70 x 28mm wide. These are standard sizes but, with notice, alternative dimensions can be supplied. The blocks that make up the parquet pattern can be supplied with a soft edge to accentuate the zig zag pattern.

Oversize Parquet is the same as parquet but the blocks are much bigger and cut from boards to bespoke sizes. The unusual effect is particularly suited to large spaces but not always. See the kitchen in London Fields.

Parquet variation shows there is more than one way to lay parquet blocks. This is taken from the floor that has an interesting story.

Chevron has the characteristics of parquet but supplied in blocks dependent on the supplier.

Basket weave is a form of parquet using blocks with the grain and wood colour playing an important role in the pattern. Just to add to the interest of the visual effect. Basket weave is best supplied as engineered panels to add strength and stability as well as making fitting easier.

Endgrain blocks expose end-grained to contrast with the common longitudinal grain. This not only offers scope for some unusual designs but is much more hardwearing the standard parquet block of the same wood.

Tramlines provide an elegant finish to a beautiful floor. Contrasting wood is a thin inset stripe usually defining the edge of the floor. Here a dark tramline offsets a pale oak floor but it is just as dramatic for a pale stripe to be set against a dark wood floor.

Mill pattern is like tramlines but more intricate as this picture shows. The pattern can be as intricate or simple depending on the space available.

Bespoke patterns cannot be ignored! They catch the eye in a way the beauty of simple boards go unnoticed. Patterns can be as intricate as any marquetry masterpiece to give a room a unique ambience. Images from Patterns & Colours folder

Hardwood Floor Installation Projects

SW6 Private house
New floors for architect designed Fulham home
Putney private house
New floors for Victorian home in Putney
Fulham private house
New floors complete Fulham terraced house makeover
Ewell restoration – private house
Restoration of magnificent floor in Ewell mansion
Wimbledon tennis and West Ham – Olympic Stadium
Signature floor for West Ham Directors’ area
New floor for Hanover Square art gallery
Percy & Founders – Restaurant
New floor for Fitzrovia restaurant
Jaeger-LeCoultre – Bond Street Showroom
Precision flooring for Bond Street Showroom
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