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Jaeger-LeCoultre – Bond Street Showroom

The Jaeger-LeCoultre’s name is synonymous with precision. Hundreds of chronograph movements have, in their own way, made history since the company was awarded a gold medal at London’s Great Exhibition in 1851. Its most recent award has come from The Responsible Jewellery Council for its commitment to its ethical, social and environmental standards.

And there lies a parallel: HS Wood Flooring is also concerned with both precision and protecting the environment.

HS Wood Flooring were called in to make good the showroom floor of Jaeger-Lecoultre in Bond Street, London. The old floor that had been laid was vainly trying to mimic the pattern of the skylight over the showcases but the cuts between the brass strips weren’t good enough and the subfloor was uneven so some of the panels were moving around. The subfloor was partly responsible for this so the floor had to be torn up, the subfloor levelled and new, laser-cut panels fitted precisely into the brass framework on the floor.

The floor panels were oak treated with a special lacquer to lighten the oak colour. HS Wood Flooring found that, despite the laser cutting, most of the panels did not fit comfortably into their allotted spaces, so they were shaved and sanded to fit exactly.

However, when the work was complete, there were tiny inconsistencies of colour and level of the panels in some places, so it was agreed that the whole area should be sanded using a dust-free sanding machine. Once the wood and the brass rails were perfectly level, a newly formulated lacquer applied that not only gave added protection but brought cohesion to the whole floor.

The other problems that had to overcome were time and security issues. The work could only take place at night as the showroom had to be open to shoppers during the day. It was also, imperative to do the work accurately but in a timely manner; the disruption had to be kept to a minimum. During this process, the fitting team were closely watched by the security guards. Each night they would decide how much they could get done and only remove the panels that they would be able to replace by the morning. 

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