Lighten my darkness

How St Dionis Church, Parsons Green, leapt into the 21st century.  Shining light. The St Dionis chancel showing the new parquet flooring in the foreground. Over the hundred or so years the Puginesque St Dionis Church on Parsons Green had become a somewhat gloomy place mainly due to poor lighting and a 135-year old floor […]

A hard look at softwood floors

A gentleman recently asked us if we could revive his pinewood floor. He told us HS Wood Flooring, along with other flooring companies, seem to mention hardwood floors exclusively, nothing about Softwood floors. As it happens, we have renovated lots of pine wood floors and we’ll come back to that. This enquiry raises questions about […]

Protecting the Origin of Species

Certainly amongst children and not a few adults, there is a dissociation between certain products and their origins. Take milk, for example: it is processed and packaged in such a way that its connection with the cow is so remote that she is irrelevant. If, however, foot and mouth disease is decimating herds and milk […]

The Spectacular Floors of Europe

One of our clients was inspired by the floors of the Hermitage in St Petersburg. Yes, the one that Catherine the Great had built for her Winter Palace in 1764. His home is in Balham,  a distinctly a more modest affair. He, and his wife, together planned the interiors of their terraced house. He designed […]