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If you are looking for inspiring new hardwood floors in London, HS Wood Flooring could be the best place to start. We can show you unfinished and finished wood floor products in a variety of qualities and prices – always good value.

We are also proud to present our very own bespoke hand-crafted hardwood engineered floor products. This service will appeal particularly to architect and interior designers. You can choose the wood, the texture, the colour and finish – then we will make up a sample for you on the spot in a few minutes. If we are not quite there, we’ll change it until you are happy. Then we will order the product exactly to the specifications you have chosen.

We understand you will have some hard decisions to make so we offer comfortable surroundings and plenty of time to make these important choices. Our help and advice are free. So is our hospitality: you can relax in a sofa with a pastry accompanied by a really good cup of coffee or a nibble with something stronger if you prefer!

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