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Hawksmoor restaurants

The Hawksmoor family of restaurants started in one of London’s oldest street markets, Spitalfields, close to the Christ Church built for the East End parish (as it was then) by Nicholas Hawksmoor. Hence the name.

Hawksmoor Borough came soon after built in the ‘foodiest’ market in the Country, Borough Market. After researching the world for the finest beef, it was clear the best came from the British Isles. So, unsurprisingly, beef, in its myriad forms takes centre stage and, for added refinement, offered with many distinguished and some lesser-known but no less noble wines.

However, the objective was not just about gourmet dining. The founders got it right by finding properties of character and exploiting their heritage to provide the perfect ambiance for a richly enjoyable dining experience. The enterprise was destined for success.

A visit to either of these two Hawksmoor Restaurants will not only leave you with a memory of an amazing dining pleasure but also an impression of the unusual interior decor (consistent with the style of the premises, of course). The bold design of the recovered parquet blocks, in particular, will impress you.

The cleaned-up parquet blocks fitted in position.

The parquet blocks were discovered in tar-covered heap in France. They were brought over the England and laboriously hand-cleaned to get rid of the bitumen (used to stabilise the blocks to the subfloor) before fitting in a signature style we call “tracks”. Each block was very marginally different in dimension, tone and colour. The owners insisted maintaining these unique qualities so, the floors ended up being slightly uneven, multicoloured and fitted in an unusual style.

So, next time, feel like a cut of steak well above the average, visit Hawksmoor, Spitalfields or Borough, and discover how we, HS Wood Flooring, fitteded one of the most beautiful floors in a commercial premises in England.

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