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St Dionis Church – Interior

St Dionis Church, Parsons Green, finds the light of the 21st century. 

Over the hundred or so years the Puginesque St Dionis Church on Parsons Green had become a somewhat gloomy place mainly due to rudimentary nineteenth century lighting and a 135-year old floor that was grimed with age and its uneven surface becoming a safety hazard. Its redeeming features include ten Portland stone pillars supporting elegant arches that take the eye up to the high, timbered ceiling. The font and the pulpit were saved from a City of London church of the same name that was demolished in 1878.

Shining light. The St Dionis chancel showing the new parquet flooring in the foreground.

Pillar of light. The light oak parquetry complements the elegance of the Portland stone pillars.


Architects Carden and Godfrey were appointed to bring the building into the 21st century. The entrance hall becomes a welcoming reception with an office area above; all glass, Oak and soft carpeting. In the south west corner of the nave, there is a cafe with a minstrel gallery above for special events. The interior is illuminated by a state-of-the-art lighting system that is combined with audio/visual facility that brings light, sound and drama to every corner of the voluminous nave.

A major part of the St Dionis’ resurrection is the floor: 450 square metres of natural Oak supplied by the Natural Wood Flooring Company in Wandsworth and fitted by HS Wood Flooring.

The transformation is stunning and it is no surprise that the Royal Institute of British Architects chose to showcase it in their 2021 London Awards.

A moving statement

A recent video records the Revd Tim Stilwell, Vicar of St Dionis, and Tim Hobern of HS Wood Flooring the features of the floor and what it means to the parishioners who raised the money.

This video also highlights how the new floor contrasts with the old fabric of the church and highlights the beauty of the architecture.

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