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If you are looking to fit a new floor or bring an old one back to life, our showroom by the river is the right place to start. A well fitted floor should last a lifetime so it is important to think and choose carefully. 

The beauty of wood lies in its natural colour, grain and texture. In store, we have many kinds of wood from trees forested from all over the world. Each as its own distinctive characteristics; all our timber complies with the world’s forestry regulations and are fully certified. 

You can buy wood flooring as planks (or boards), blocks (parquet) or as prefabricated patterns known as ‘engineered’. However, the variety extends far beyond these basic choices. New technology enables us to colour the timber give it a texture or finish create beautiful floor designs. The choice is endless which is why it is so important to look and feel the product before you buy. 

Like a tailor, we offer a huge choice of flooring “off the shelf” or a bespoke option we call our Signature Service