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Dust-free Floor Sanding in Tooting

Refreshing the natural beauty of your hardwood floor in Tooting

The beauty of a hardwood floor can, over time, lose its lustre if it is not cared for. And there is many a floor that shows its age, maybe through negligence, water damage, other rough treatment or simply time. All wood needs regular care whether it is a floor or a piece of furniture. And the more care it gets, the longer it maintains it vitality and glorious patina.

Restoring the beauty of hardwood floors

You would be surprised how a tired old hardwood floor can be resuscitated to its original beauty. Beneath that veneer of dust, grime, stains and grit, maybe less than a millimetre thick, lies the glory of the original timber, be it ever so old. To reach it requires expert sanding so that the bare minimum of dust escapes. We use specialist sanders that evenly skim the crust off the top leaving specific textures, from silky smooth or satin to a wire brushed surface, for example.

The detail that matters

As brilliant as our sanders are, they can’t get into the corners, nooks and crannies of a typical room. So, we hand-sand those areas to match the rest of the floor. Occasionally, we come across small areas of severe damage, so we have to find a replacement piece. When that happens, we take great care to match the original with the same wood, grain and colour so that it can be truly said to be an ‘invisible mend’.  And that is one reason that defines us as a cut above the rest. We take great pride in our work.

Discovering Gold

To prove the point: We were asked to renovate a large pinewood floor in a converted 18th century wine warehouse by the Thames. We had to sand it inch-by-inch, hand-by-hand, from wall to wall because the owner wanted to keep its historic character. It took a while but the end result was a triumph not only for enduring quality of the wood but also the wonderful golden colour that lay buried beneath the battered and blackened surface.

Dust free sanding in Tooting

Like some vacuum cleaners, our sanding machines have heavy duty bags that collect virtually all the dust. This enables a cleaner, faster process which, in most cases, does not disrupt the normal routine of the household. Different woods, as we know, have different degrees of hardness but whether it is Pine, Oak, Mahogany or the very hard varieties like Teak, our machines take them all in their stride even if the harder woods take a bit longer.

Customising your floor

Having sanded your floor, you are given some exciting options: the colour, the finish and the sealing. You may love the natural colour of the wood, or you may want to make it darker or lighter or a different colour altogether (the colours of the rainbow are available); you might like a shiny, smooth patina in which you can see your face reflected but we also offer textured floors that bring out the wood grain in different lights. Finally, there is the all-important stage: sealing. Again, more options. We seal with oils or lacquers to not only to protect and prolong the life of the wood but to enhance its colour. Oils leave a more natural look and offer many colouring options compared with lacquers that have fewer colour options but are more hardwearing.

So, when you look with dismay at a dark and dusty old floor, cheer up! There is probably a rich and golden vein of beauty just waiting to be released.

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